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★ ULTRA-LIMITED allocation available of CAYMUS 1-LITER 1000ML! (Limited 1 Liters Available!)

★ These very special Caymus 1 Liter Bottle contains 33% more wine than a regular 750ML bottle… For 40+ years now Caymus and Winemaker Chuck Wagner have been knocking the socks off of Napa Valley Cabernet Fans!

★ Beyond Super Cult Cabernet Status – Any Caymus Cabernet 2018 1 Liter, and every single wine that stems from the Caymus Family Connection is impeccable… it’s like Deja Vu all over again, and again… the One Liter is Ultra-Limited and Highly Sought After by Collectors of Fine Wine Worldwide. Get your cases now… They won’t last long, they never do.

*Please Note: Caymus Cabernet 1-Liters go very fast… they are quite an astounding presence: whether on your table, in your cellar, or perhaps gifting… there’s no other format like this like on Planet Earth – quite impressive… a Cult Wine like no other. 

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Caymus 1 Liter Cabernet 2018 Napa Cult Wine
Caymus 1 Liter Cabernet 2018 Napa Cult Wine



Winemaker’s Note: “A dark, scarlet red color, with powerful aromas of sweet ripe cabernet grapes. Initial impressions are fantastically appealing, brooding to expansive textural sensations of finely grained cacao tannins. The whole of the wine is balanced, rich, expressive and impressively complex. The backbone of fine tannin and sweet ripeness is a carry-over from perfectly mature fruit.”

With thrilling levels of extract and velvety tannins that are almost impossible to detect, Caymus performs on a grand stage with their exuberant, plump, beautifully ripe Cabernet Sauvignons… a style that they’ve undoubtedly pioneered.  This liquid definition of Regal arose from a matrix of carefully farmed vineyards, and the irresistible set of flavors were achieved through extended hang time, which is a technique where the fruit is kept on the vine unusually long, allowing the berries to develop an attractive suppleness and perfectly mature flavors.  At under $100, their Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon in special 1 liter bottles is absolutely an American Icon that delivers sensational levels of joy.

These very special Caymus 1 Liter Bottle contains 33% more wine than a regular bottle, and are a necessity with any vintage of Caymus Cab …  a 750ml is simply not enough of this pleasure-filled Cabernet Sauvignon.

★ With SHIPPING INCLUDED on 6-packs, 9-packs, 12-packs, and 15-Packs! I highly recommend adding at least two cases of the Caymus Cabernet 2018 Liter to your Collection Now, before they are sold-out. Please select “Free Shipping VIP” when you add 6+ Bottles to cart… We HIGHLY RECOMMEND 12-packs and 15-PACKS CASES… while available.  *** HEADS-UP: 750s are selling for $89-$105/btl *** Get as many cases of CAYMUS 1 LITER as you can.

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