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We absolutely adore this Belle Glos Wine for so many reasons – Crowd Pleaser, and Consistently Delicious … 

When it comes to the deepest, Inkiest and most extravagant Pinot Noirs, Joe Wagner, founder of Belle Glos is an innovator for this unique style. Joe was involved in the Wagner Family wine business at an early age, taking in valuable lessons from his father, Chuck Wagner, who founded Caymus Vineyards. In July of 2015 Joe split off the value priced Meomi Pinot Noir label from Belle Glos and sold it to Constellation Brands for an eye-popping $315 million…

One of my favorites each year hails from the Las Alturas Vineyard, which is perched at 1,200 feet elevation on one of the highest grape-growing benches in the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA. The vineyard is heavily influenced by coastal fog from the Monterey Bay, and from gusty maritime winds that funnel in from the bay throughout the afternoons, which contributes to one of the longest growing seasons in California, and in turn, allows for a long hang-time and fully developed flavors. If you enjoy BIG, inky and full-bodied California Pinot Noir, along with our consistently best price over the years, this one should top your list.

Please Note: Belle Glos is one of our Most Popular Wines, and each vintage is highly sought-after and collectible. (also beautiful for gifts) 


The Belle Glos Las Alturas got me hooked to this beautiful, and succulent style of  Pinot Noir; each vintage is jammy and consistently delicious! With chocolate covered strawberries, ripe plums, and black berries, this is a fine example of La Dolce Vita Pinot Noir… The Rich and Sweet Life of Caymus Family Wines! (*great story below – extended notes)

Belle Glos Wine Las Alturas Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands SLH
Belle Glos Wine Las Alturas Pinot Noir | Santa Lucia Highlands SLH



Belle Glos Las Alturas 2021 Tasting Notes from Winery, “Rich crimson in color with fragrant aromas of blackberry, sage, cherry, and hints of rich dark chocolate. Bold and elegant on the palate with boysenberry pie, black currant jam, dark plum, and subtle notes of ground nutmeg. Balanced and structured, this wine has beautiful acidity that lingers through to a long, mouthwatering finish.”

Edward’s Extended Notes, “I have great story to share here about Belle Glos… with all due respect  (my father-in-law cloned and grafted Pinot in Napa Valley & Beyond)  — so a few years ago, my wife and I attended a professional Meeting/Tasting with two Pinot Noir Purists who only made and drank Burgundian style wines. Really great friends of Our Family, however Beyond wine snobs, these two people just hated any unconventional, non-traditional version of Pinot Noir.  I absolutely respect that, and I wanted to learn more from them, so I brought over a sample bottle of Belle Glos to compare with their favorites. As most people know, Belle Glos Pinot skews more towards the richer, deeper, and sweeter side of this varietal. Traditional Pinot Noir skews more towards a lighter, delicate, not too dry, sometimes spicy, and certainly not sweet… so I poured a glass of Las Alturas for both of them, and they immediately started to criticize: from the color, to aromas, and so forth. The interesting is, as the actual tasting progressed, these two Pinot Purists kept pouring themselves glasses – I didn’t know it at the time; they were drinking the BELLE GLOS! My wife and I thought we were ALL tasting/spitting and dumping the wines as usual during tastings; however by the time the meeting was over – the ENTIRE bottle of Las Alturas was empty. I was laughing, chuckling, shaking my head, the entire 5-minute ride home… enjoying a beautiful moment, because I really didn’t actually notice until I brought the samples back to our car. And my wife, well she was not surprised… and insisted I buy another case, and Belle Glos wine has been one of our top-selling Pinots ever since then.”