If you’re looking for a Cabernet Sauvignon that mirrors and resonates the outstanding qualities you’d expect from Napa Valley’s most Upper Echelon wines, made with the same meticulous farming and skilled winemaking methods, Will Harlan’s The Mascot should top your list… and This EPIC 2018 Vintage is OFF THE CHARTS!

The pedigree of the grapes, combined with high-profile winemaking, makes it a hedonistic pleasure to enjoy. With less than a few cases remaining, this wine is about to vanish into a few lucky cellars …

“Made from the younger vines of Harlan Estate, BOND, and Promontory, The Mascot shares a unique glimpse into the evolution of our winegrowing estates” ~ WILL HARLAN

What do BOND, HARLAN and Promontory share in common… 2018 THE MASCOT CABERNET SAUVIGNON NAPA VALLEY! BLOCKBUSTER 2018 Vintage!

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Tasting Notes from The Mascot Wines, “Following a vintage full of changing conditions and demanding decision points, the steady and pleasant progress of the 2018 vintage left our team, at times, in limbo… This gentle nature of the season—is confirmed in the subtle, ethereal power of the vintage, which reveals itself first in the deep, brooding aromas of dark fruit, black tea, and herbal notes. The texture expands around a lifted structure, as powdery tannins gently resolve. This diffused, enigmatic softness is anchored on the mid-palate by a gratifying density, which prepares the senses for a flourish of hidden energy and vivid detail that illuminates the finish…”

from THE HARLAN Family Estates – THE MASCOT 2018 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (ultra-limited).

mascot wines - mascot cabernet napa valley cult wine


Extended Notes from Edward: ” The 2018 Mascot is a compelling Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. DEEP and POWERFUL yet elegantly balanced with dense fruit layers, and shimmering waves of energy… Perfectly Seamless textural, with a Pure Opulence of deep black fruits: wild blueberries, blackberry pie, figs, dark-chocolates, dusted mocha and espresso notes all wonderfully penetrate the palate, with a 45-second plus finish that echoes the Pedigree and Magnificence of these Grand Cru Estates…

Gorgeous and Gregarious Wines like this are often difficult to explain; because the Esteemed Pedigree is Mesmerizing and Virtually unobtainable… Wil Harlan, is the son of Bill Harlan, and the Wine produced from these impeccable Grad Cru Harlan Estates are highly sought-after worldwide with bottles ranging in prices from $500-$3,000 per bottle, the 2018 Mascot Cabernet is truly a secret and future cult wine like no other. With fruit sources of Napa Royalty directly from: the palatial HARLAN Cabernet Sauvignon —which is perched atop a PROMONTORY of Cult Wines — there’s a Napa Valley BOND emanating from these vines… a deeply rooted passion… and this 2018 Vintage is stunning with perfection.” CALIHIWINES 100 POINTS – This is a Perfect Wine! *recommended decant: 3-6 hours, enjoy right now thru 2035+.


Pure Pedigree and Proven Provenance:
★ made from the younger vines of HARLAN Estate, BOND, and PROMONTORY …

2018 Harlan Estate: 100 Points
2018 Promontory: 100 Points
2018 Bond: 100 Points


*VIP HEADS-UP and ATTN COLLECTORS: If you enjoy Cult Wines in the $500+ range, or perhaps Collect the Finest Wines in the World, or finest Whiskey too, this is for you! I highly recommend a Case, or another CASE, a 6-pack at least… and for those just starting to get into the high-end and collectible wines, please try at least 2-3 bottles… or just 1-bottle (if on a budget – we can build-a-case together). I promise you, this is something Very Special, and you’ll want more to share with yours. Cheers and Thank you again so much, Sincerely Edward 

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