This Breathtaking MASTERY 2018 is MASSIVE! With Only 3 Barrels Made (that’s only about 75 cases my friends) … This Sumptuous Wine is: Rich and Powerful, Elegantly Layered… It’s a HUGE WINE!

Mastery’s 2018 release offers a deep, powerful reflection of Napa Valley’s highest-rated vintage in more than twenty years; the 2018 vintage is revered for producing “wines that are rich and dark, but detailed, restrained in style and very terroir-driven,” as written by the Wine Spectator.

*VIP Heads-Up: This Ultra Boutique Wine is Next-Level (hard to explain, but I will try my best). With a very small production (micro-produced is what say in Wine Industry Terms), it easily compares to the Upper Echelon of Napa Valley in the ranges of $200-$300 per bottle. I highly recommend a full case before it’s gone … for Fans of BIG NAPA CABS and Collectors of BIG Cali Reds and Wines that No One Else can get, this IS for You! Let’s keep those glasses full with great juice!

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The 2018 Mastery Cabernet is beyond a Special Wine – It all started with: A love affair for Master Sommelier Kevin Vogt and his wife Lynda, each vintage of Mastery is meticulously composed, with a goal of showcasing the exceptional terroir, and care that went into each and every bottle. Previous vintages were made by Legendary Winemaker Philippe Melka… and NOW –

Check this Out! It’s hand-crafted by a Master of Flash Détente Technology – Wine Industry Innovator, and Rock-Star Winemaker Rudy Zuidema is crushing it! … Well, more like blowing it UP! Literally!! (please see more below, this is really cool). Rudy’s cumulative knowledge over the past 30 years is commanding in this 100% Cabernet Sauvignon which beautifully articulates the terroir of Rapp Ranch and Shadybrook Estate Vineyards in Coombsville…

Forged from vines grown DEEP in Coombsville’s volcanic soils, this POWERFUL, focused, penetrating Cabernet celebrates its origin in memorable detail. Three barrels made up the entire production in the 2018 vintage, each chosen for varietal focus, concentrated flavors, and a masterful combination of strength and elegance. You’ll find these qualities in many of the world’s most outstanding wines. At $95, Cabernet Sauvignon doesn’t get any better! Compares to $200-$300 bottles.

WCC97 |Tasting Panel Notes, “Mastery 2018 is a sumptuous wine with aromas of violet, blueberry, cassis, balsamic glaze, English toffee, cigar box, and petrichor. On the palate, the wine is rich and powerful, with flavors of blackberry pie, dark chocolate, and gingerbread. The 2018 vintage is elegantly layered with an intense structure that will slowly unravel to reveal its intricacies for those who lay this beauty down in the cellar.” WCC 96-97 POINTS

ES100 | Edward’s Extended Tasting Notes, “ 1.) First of all, I can’t make this up, and have to share it because… very recently from a VIP in FL on Jan 21st 2023 – he said; “Hello My Brother, Happy New Years to you and your family. Hope to hear all is well… I’m having a professional looking over my cellar to sell, just doing some numbers. There is a good amount I will lose, once completed… in the meantime, SEND ME ANOTHER 6-PACK OF THE 2018 MASTERY – THAT’S A BIG F***KING CAB! We love it, and say Hi to the wife… and check your pay pal account” ~ CARL DE CESARE

2.) Secondly, Carl has collected Cult Wines for decades from Napa, and wants more Mastery! Dude, That’s so awesome! (he told me to use his last name too). My wife told me to use the ***… 🙂
MASTERY CABERNET is Our #1 2018 must-have for BIG NAPA CAB FANS.

3.) Here are my humble notes… Very Deep Purple in the glass, almost Black with highlights of Blue and Very Long Legs… The 2018 Mastery Cabernet is a  POWERFUL wine with mesmerizing aromas of blueberry, blackberry, tobacco, wet rocks, and Earthy fresh – it reminds me of walking through a forest after the rain (that’s Coombsville – it engulfs your palate with rich savory delights), and then biting into a Wild Blackberry. On the palate, the wine is just MASSIVE, with BIG flavors of blackberry pie, dark chocolate, mocha, and gingerbread with hints of caramel lingering.. yet invigorating on another level. The 2018 vintage is elegantly layered with an intense structure, and the finish seems to last for several minutes …

(we just had another bottle)… Let’s Enjoy now with a 6-8 hour decant or more, and each sip will slowly unravel to reveal its seductive intricacies (patience is key). For those who lay this beauty down in the cellar, it will age gracefully for decades, upwards of 30+ years. However, it will be difficult to keep your hands off after your first bottle because it is so good…  For me personally, I crack the cork open, and dive right in! It’s such a RICH and POWERFUL first sip, and the endurance and energy continues to the very last drop in the bottle! This is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley and Coombsville AVA… it is just starting to unravel – there’s a lot of life here!  … settling into a beautiful display of Opulence –  this is a perfect wine … When my wife and I recently enjoyed a bottle together on Friday Night with a Ribeye for me, and New York Strip for her…  I woke up on Saturday Morning (smiling) and immediately said – that was such an amazing wine last night. My wife agreed and we got another case, and can’t wait for the next adventure!  Because Each Bottle of Mastery is a beautiful Journey. Thank you Kevin, and thank you Rudy – You guys are AWESOME! Cheers! ”  CALIHIWINES 100 POINTS

More Extended Notes from Edward, There’s a very specific science and technology about Flash Détente – however, if I could humbly with all due respect sum it up in a couple sentences – Check this Out; we flash freeze berries, and then blow the grapes up! And then all the bad shit floats away… you are then left with perfection 🙂 Dude – it’s really cool. Jaw-dropping… Rudy can explain way much better than me! I’m just sipping on this amazing juice as he explains… 

More Technical Notes From Winemaker Rudy Zuidema about Flash Wine Technologies… Flash Détente is a device used to extract color and flavor from wine grapes using extreme heat, followed by rapid cooling in a vacuum chamber, literally exploding the grape and the cell walls that contain the pigments and flavenoids. It has been in the global industry for 20 years, but only since 2010 has it been in the United States. There are many attractions to this system.- During the process 3-5% of the volume is blown off in the form of steam. This loss of water will increase the sugar content in the juice concentrating the flavors and can create a thicker, more complex wine.- The steam that is blown off is comprised of water (flash water) containing the heaviest molecules having the longest flavor chains… 

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