Ritchie Vineyard is world-famous for producing world-class grapes, it has attracted some of the greatest winemakers on the planet to put their stamp on it.  Kent Ritchie planted his vineyard in the early 1970’s… now fast-forward nearly 50 years, the Old Wente Clone vines now have these cool looking twisted, and gnarly trunks and produce tiny quantities of choice grapes…Primo! This Juice is off-the-charts. Forget about it, Ritchie has an epic history of producing some of California’s most distinguished Chardonnays and it’s a site celebrated by powerhouses of the best chardonnay in the world including: Aubert, DuMOL, Ramey, Patz & Hall, Montagu, and the list goes on… and on.

Not only is this Chardonnay Case-Worthy, it’s also Age-Worthy and you can enjoy this Montagu Ritchie Vineyard from the Epic 2016 Vintage for the next 10-15 years… yes, it’s that good! Grab a case because it won’t last much longer (limited). Less than 10-cases remain.

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The Ritchie Vineyard is located in the epicenter of the iconic Russian River Valley, and the soils are pure sandy Goldridge loam, which originates from the bed of an inland sea.  It enjoys the cooling fog from the Pacific, and the grapes are able to achieve optimum ripeness and maintain brilliant acidity.  This gorgeous Chardonnay was created by Weston Eidson who gained valuable winemaking knowledge from mentors Jason Moore and Winemaker Russell Bevan.

Montagu Winery Notes: “This Chardonnay hails exclusively from the world class Ritchie Vineyard in the heart of the Russian River Valley. The Chardonnay is rich, powerful, and driven by layers of white peach, candied orange peel and lemon curd. Brightness balances the wine and is a hallmark of classic Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay. This wine was fermented in French barrels (100% new) and spent a year in barrel leading to wonderfully balanced oak integration while sur lee aging developed depth and complexity.”

Arguably the oldest chardonnay vines in all of California, however I personally know a very old man, my father-in-law, Fernando Delgado, that planted the Old Wente Clone vines Chardonnay in 1969 perhaps 1970 on Haynes Vineyard in Napa Valley. Although Fernando is now retired and Haynes sold-out to another old-school awesome Napa Valley Producer – Heitz Cellar,  I would love to Blind Taste these two vineyards from 1998-2002 Vintage right now… or any other year that is available — Haynes Vineyard vs Ritchie Vineyard – I would also invite John Fucking Caldwell to this blind panel tasting along with Joy Caldwell (John’s better half), Winemaker Ken Bernards, Teresa Bernards (Ken’s amazing wife), and of course Fernando Delgado and Kent Ritchie, Patricia Haynes, Gaylon Lawrence Jr (Nashville-based Superman and my Idol) , and of course Yvonne Delgado (my wife) — the only question is: whose got the juice? I’ll pour y’all – bring cases, and tequila tasting in the cave with JFC and Joy afterparty! 🙂 We Love you guys. Beyond Inspiring, this group of Winegrowers, Winemakers, and Producers knows everyone from Napa Valley to Russian River Valley and Beyond… Look them Up: Ancien Wines, Haynes Vineyard, Caldwell Vineyards, Heitz Cellars, Ritchie Vineyards, etc and Buy More Wine from each and every one of them! Cheers! Nostrovia & Salud! Edward & Yvonne

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