Bob Levy began his winemaking career in the mid-1970s at Cuvaison, moving on in the early 1980s as winemaker and general manager at Rombauer before dedicating himself to several years at Merryvale, where he met his future business partner, Real Estate Developer Bill Harlan. Bob became Harlan Estate’s founding winemaker and Director of Winegrowing and embarked on an illustrious career as Director of Winegrowing for all of the Harlan Family Domain properties, including BOND ESTATES, Promontory, and The Napa Valley Reserve. He recently handed over those responsibilities to the next generation; however, he continues to oversee the HARLAN family winegrowing teams and properties. Over time, Bob worked with over 100 unique hillside cabernet vineyard sites in Napa Valley during his career.

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~ Harlan’s Founder Winemaker, Wait-List Only at Winery.

Levy & McClellan was founded in 1999 by Bob and his wife, Martha McClellan, capitalizing on Bob’s profound experiences in the vineyard to select a prime location to plant a vineyard with specific ideas not previously done. His philosophies included producing a wine that would share the structure of a hillside cabernet while preserving the terroir’s character and providing a pleasurable experience through the finish with soft tannins. Martha is also a talented winemaker, crafting the wines at Sloan Estate, Checkerboard Vineyards, and Vineyard 7 & 8. She and Bob created Ampersand to tell the vintage story; Their 2016 Vintage Proprietary Red is predominately Cabernet Sauvignon-based with Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot, giving a clear portrait of excellence…

Winemaker Notes, “The 2016 AMPERSAND is an impressive example of the balance between power and concentration that this vintage is known for and shows tremendous finesse even at this early stage of its life. The aromatic expression begins with dried herbs and earthy mineral notes, following through to roasted coffee and black currants. The finish has notably silky tannins, is supple in texture and remarkably lingering finish.”