2015 TROMBETTA Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast


If you enjoy small production Pinot Noir from under-the-radar Super Star Producers… TROMBETTA Sonoma Coast is a MUST-HAVE!

Tasting Notes from CaliHiWines, “You’re Invited to a World-Class Event produced by Winemaker Erica Stancliff, hosted by Rickey Trombetta, co-produced by Consulting Winemaker Paul Hobbs, and directed by an Exhilarating Environment called Sonoma Coast. So Refreshing and Exuberant! Have you ever taken a deep breath of fresh air after it rains… swirl, close your eyes and inhale Nose: This is a Dreamy Silky expression of Crème de la Crème Pinot Noir. Wild Strawberries, Perfectly Ripened Raspberries, hints of Rose Petals and Lavender, Rich Earth saturated in Cherries! Ahhhhh that smells soooo good! Swirl again,Taste: Imagine a crystal bowl full of the Most Exquisite Ripe Cherries in the World. Next to this bowl, a Milk Chocolate Fountain with Exotic Spices… Dip In… ARE YOU READY! Wait! Right before you bite into this chocolate covered cherry, vanilla dust falls from the heavens, sprinkles of silky mocha, cinnamon and espresso appear in the wind, raining drops of Dr. Pepper and melted caramel… concentrated flavors unfold, super-rich layers linger… Dreamy eventful Finish: You just enjoyed your first glass. A bottle will be gone in minutes with friends, so how many cases do you think you need – I guarantee you’ll want more!!” 95+ POINTS, Edward Stephanick CaliHiWines

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You know that feeling when you first taste a wine, and it simply enthralls your palate with delight…

favorite summertime pinot noir trombetta

When I first tasted Trombetta Pinot about 7-years ago, I remember that Specific Panel Tasting and Review very clearly… we tasted about 15-20 different Pinots that day among a plethora of Napa Cabs and Reds. As Winemakers and Reps of Distributors filled the room showcasing releases, my attention was keenly focused (or distracted perhaps) on the sample bottle of Trombetta Pinot Noir during the entire tasting… it was one of the first wines we tasted that day, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it… I recall “re-visiting” several times, and each sip was divine. My boss, Daniel noticed and told me, “Edward, you have to spit during tastings man we have about 150 wines to review today…” and I distinctly remember replying, “I can’t spit this wine man, this juice is just too good!” He smiled and said “Ok, here, you take this one home with you to enjoy AFTER the tastings… let’s re-focus… ” He handed me the bottle, and I swear I felt like a Happy Dog Wagging His Tail… With this Trombetta Pinot sample by my side, it was one of the most memorable tasting events of my life… that was about seven years ago… That’s the very First Time I tasted Trombetta Pinot Noir.

Since then, Trombetta still remains my favorite GO-TO Pinot Noir, and I feel blessed to have sold hundreds of cases over the years, while sharing this beautiful wine with so many kind people. By the way, the energy fueling this project, is an aspiring mother-daughter powerhouse wine team, Rickey Trombetta and Erica Stancliff as seen in the photos here… this lovely family wine is made possible because of these two Superstar Women.

2015 TROMBETTA Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast: An unforgettable enthralling delight.

My Favorite Summertime Pinot, I keep this in the cooler right next to the IPAs and Chardonnays, I love Trombetta with a slight chill and it’s perfect with anything you may throw on the grill. Enjoy with Family and Friends at BBQs, Summer Events, Poolside Lounging, and rest-assured everyone sipping on this will love it… trust me, you will easily blow through a case on any given day… (ask my 3-sisters) So I highly recommend you GRAB 2-3 CASES! Cheers! Edward ~ your wine broker

Trombetta Pinot Noir
Trombetta Pinot Noir, mother-daughter powerhouse wine team, Rickey Trombetta and Erica Stancliff