Surrounded by the prestigious names of Harlan Estate, Promontory, and Futo Vineyards, The Vineyard House is a testament to exceptional quality at a fraction of their esteemed neighbors’ cost. While its circle of surrounding wineries command prices ranging to $1700 per bottle, The Vineyard House exudesTo-Kalon-esque pedigree at a fraction of the cost.

Imbued with the artistry of the renowned Philippe Melka and his director of winemaking, Maayan Koschitzky, The Vineyard House’s lineage is a testament to their impeccable craft. Philippe’s mastery has graced esteemed estates like Château Petrus and Haut-Brion and renowned California vineyards such as Caldwell, Quintessa, Hundred Acre, Della Valle, Bryant Family, Mastery, and dozens more, instilling confidence in every sip.

The 2013 vintage, celebrated throughout Napa Valley, has matured into an absolute masterpiece. For those seeking the essence of a $500+ Napa wine without the exorbitant price tag, The Vineyard House offers an irresistible solution.

★ Legendary Winemaker PHILIPPE MELKA!
★ EPIC Vintage and Pedigreed Wine.
★ Compares to OAKVILLE Cult Wines $500/btl.



Tasting Notes from Master Sommelier: “The Vineyard House Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 is one of the most complete and seamless Cabernet Sauvignons I’ve tasted over the last few years, which is really saying something if you look at the incredible wines that have graced my glass. It’s simply stunning. It has a linear focus reminiscent of a great first growth Bordeaux, combined with exceptional purity.  It is a majestic wine with wave after wave of wild black plum, crème de cassis, muddled blueberries and crushed blackberry fruit, followed by bittersweet chocolate, liquid minerals, graphite and firm tannins. This profound wine has a surreal presence with incredible purity and an extravagant cascade of red and black fruit which lingers on your palate in what feels like a suspended animation state, keeping you on the edge of your seat through the seemingly endless, elegant finish. Drink it over the next 25 years…“ KEVIN VOGT 98 POINTS

Exceptionally Rare and Collectible Boutique Wine…
Cult Cabernet Master-Crafted by JEREMY NICKEL

2013 The Vineyard House Oakville Cabernet by Legendary Winemaker PHILIPPE MELKA
2013 The Vineyard House Oakville Cabernet | by Legendary Winemaker PHILIPPE MELKA

*ATTN Collectors: It’s nearly impossible to obtain wines by Philippe Melka with this pure pedigree. With everything perfectly composed, this stunning creation emanates from a vintage unanimously recognized for its unrivaled quality, which became the final piece of the puzzle in creating a wine that can compete with the very best.  After developing for 24 months in oak, and then perfectly bottle-aged in the Winery’s Cellar for 9 years… this remarkable Cult wine expresses everything that any Cabernet lover would be proud to own…

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