Odds are, most people probably haven’t heard of Cerro Merlot (yet), and with 193 cases produced, there’s no surprise… But, you might recognize the person behind it.  Cerro was created by Derek Beitler, nephew of Caymus Founder, Chuck Wagner.  You might also remember the brand Carne Humana which Derek founded in 2010 and later sold to his cousin Joe Wagner.  Derek also spearheaded popular brands like Bodega Rancho and Skyhook and with his track record of producing quality wines at realistic prices, we couldn’t want to try his 2013 Cerro Merlot.  The wine spent 3 full years developing in oak and another 2 1/2 years in the bottle and tasting it now and will tell you it was worth the wait…

Carved from a single vineyard located in the Chiles Valley appellation in Northeastern Napa Valley.  The combination of warmer temperatures, large diurnal temperature range, high-winds and raised elevation are perfectly suited to produce world-class Merlot.  The wine is remarkably rich and filled with black chocolates, dense blackberry, vibrant black cherry, spices and cassis.  At under thirty bucks, you may want to get enough to share.

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Winery Notes:The 2013 Cerro, Napa Valley Merlot was harvested on September 12 at Nichelinni Vineyard in the Chiles Valley AVA, just to the northeast of Napa Valley proper. The slightly cooler temperatures at this altitude help to moderate vigor and result in wines of balanced flavor and restraint. The nose is slightly leafy and botanical in classic merlot fashion. Sweet red fruit, refreshing acidity, and fleshy tannin grace the palate and finish with flavors of dried berries, chocolate and herbs.” 193 Cases Produced
CERRO Merlot

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