Pure Pedigree … made from the younger vines of HARLAN Estate, BOND, and PROMONTORY

Ever wonder what happens to the grapes from the younger vines of some of the top wine estates in Napa? The wine from these vineyards would simply be way too good to sell off, so in this case, they made an incredible marriage of wines from their three amazing brands. The Mascot is a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon born from distinct hillside vineyards; specifically from the comparatively younger vines of BOND, Harlan Estate, and Promontory. It started out as a small project in the 2008 vintage, championed by Will Harlan and shared among the family, winemaking team, and close friends. Drawing fruit from blocks of more recently replanted vineyards between 7-15 years of age, The Mascot has such deep and expansive flavors and is so compelling, it’ll make you question how you got a wine of this quality, for this price.  Grab some now before this Mascot disappears…

Although the winery doesn’t specify exact grape varietal percentages in each vintage, The Mascot is always 90 – 94% Cabernet Sauvignon, followed by Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot. This fantastic 2012 Cabernet perfectly reflects the breed and heritage of its incredible origins and will make you grin from ear to ear when you taste it.


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Winery Notes: “The growing season of 2012 was defined by ideal conditions – warm, gentle, and even – and the resulting wine reflects this benevolence. The nose is wrapped around a core of red fruit and subtle spice. Upon entry, a spherical density expands into lush, vibrant warmth. Continuing easily across the palate, finely textured tannins resolve into a lengthy finish. The 2012 is generous and welcoming in its youth, and for the patient it promises deeper layers as the years pass.

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