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Deeply Rooted Wine Culture – a MACHETE story

MACHETE RED WINE - Deeply Rooted Wine Culture

Have you Ever Held a Machete?!
The Pure Power Evokes a Barbaric Sensation!

As you know, the last time I mentioned this Machete wine I shared a Recall of my Father-In-Law and his MACHETE here in Napa Valley … a recent encounter while living among the Vines… with my Father-In-Law about to retire, let’s re-share this Epic Tale…

*… a great story to share! (AND here’s a great wine to share with fans of Cadillacs, Big Reds, Machetes & Dave Phinney) PARENTAL ADVISORY – EXPLICIT



* One of Orin Swift’s hottest red blends, previous vintages of Machete ranked #33 in the World on the Wine Spectator Top 100 List (out of more than 17,000 wines reviewed).

* The cautionary sexy label concept is decidedly unique in its various formats… It’s KILLER RED WINE


* Machete Story… this recently happened, literally and ironically just a couple years ago… (see below)

crafted by Bad-Boy & LEGENDARY DAVE PHINNEY…

* Orin Swift Machete is a 12 label series. Yes, there are 12 different labels for this wine. You never know what label you will get…therefore…

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12 Different Label Versions!
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Winemaker Tasting Notes: ““Violet ink in the glass, a nose of black plums, cassis, and cacao engage. The robust entry consists of a progressing palate of blackberry and boysenberry compote, a reduction of dark plum and ripe figs, and pure Amarena cherry. Flashes of vanilla and traces of minerality evolve into chalky tannins and a smooth lingering finish.”

Bottled with 12 Different Labels, unless you order a 12 bottle case, you may not receive the one pictured.


The REAL NAPA VALLEY Connection – As much as I love and partake in the Glamorous lifestyle here in Napa Valley now, my family of the old-school descendants, will always be protectors of the land naturally as Winegrowers and Vineyard Masters, and Connected to the Valley beyond time… If you trace back time before the vines, and before the plum orchards, before General Vallejo, before land grants, you’ll find almost all of Napa Valley was densely populated with a Tribe of Indians… There are times I see a Great and Mighty Chief in my Father-In-Law… Mi Suegro… Fernando Delgado. 48-years tending to the vines, his soul surpasses the vintages…

It was just recently that I was humbly reminded of the POWER of MACHETE… Coyotes have been on the prowl lately, howling almost every night for the past several weeks, I’m keeping a close eye on my Lab, Buddy…  Upon returning from a Tasting my wife approached me… and said… “Honey, I saw the most beautiful thing today. A Coyote walked up to us really close and he was so stunning, he was big, and looked at me almost like a dog waiting for food… he wasn’t scared at all”….

My wife was holding our baby Victoria, and Edward was still hardly walking… Trying not to scare the kids, I kissed my wife on her forehead and said, “that’s nice mi amor, sounds amazing”. I turned red.

Deep down I felt this primal urge… this overwhelming feeling… this need to grab something … I wasn’t alone.

As I stepped back outside on the Vineyard; my Father-In-Law was standing in the shadows with HUGE MACHETE and said in Spanish — “¿estás listo cabron? vamos a cortar esta puto cabeza después cortamos juevos !?”

Loosely translated (earmuffs) — “Are you ready? We are going to cut this fucker’s head off after we cut off his balls!” It was at that moment I really hoped my Father-In-Law was talking to me and not about me!

Needless to say, Mi Suegro definitely stills scares the shit out of me! … I love him! lol, Cabron! WTF, he jumped out of the Shadows that night like a Ghost!! I’m not sure what happened that night, but the coyotes stopped howling, and we haven’t seen another one on the Vineyard since…  If you want to truly experience the Essence of Napa Valley and the Roots of Wine Country, you’ll have to come visit us and hang out with the old-school Napans – there’s a sense of humor like no other – more than just wine – this IS Wine Culture. It’s my pleasure sharing! The REAL Napa Valley Connection. Cheers! Edward NVC

* To order simply reply to this email or call me at my office number in Napa at (707)245-9463 … or order online here … Cheers! Edward

Please Note: Nearly Sold-Out, ONLY 6-CASES AVAILABLE…
Orin Swift Machete Red Wine

More about 2014 MACHETE…

* From Genius to Legend: Phinney is a multi-talented winemaker with a finely tuned sense of what Red Wine Advocates will drink, LOVE and enjoy now + many years from now; his first huge success wasa California Zinfandel blend called The Prisoner, which grew from producing just 385 to 70,000 cases a year in the past decade! Dave grew his highly-rated, epic and famed company into a multinational brand that now includes 300 acres of vineyards in the Southwest of France. This international ambition has led to projects in Spain, Italy, Corsica, Argentina and other locations around the globe… He is a Global Rock Star of Wine! 1 Glass and 3 Sips….you’ll soon become part of the Massive Cult.